How you can help

In 2014 Schools Out UK celebrated 40 years of campaigning for LGBT inclusion. Your donations support our aims to provide LGBT resources, training and services to schools and educational institutions. To make Corporate donations or to sign up for Membership, please visit our Schools OUT UK Memberships page.

Easy Fundraising

There is now a way that you can raise much needed funds for ‘Schools Out United Kingdom’. Simply visit and sign yourself in. This takes a few seconds and, when done, will allow you to contribute towards ‘Schools Out’ when you are shopping or just searching on-line. It won’t cost you a penny and money raised will go straight to ‘Schools Out’ by regular bank transfer

Online Auctions

We are registered as a charity on eBay which means you can help us by donating a percentage of your online auctions directly to us. Click the image below for more information.


Make a donation

If you are able to help, please donate here through PayPal by clicking on the image below. Any amount makes a difference and we can receive an extra 25% from UK tax payers. If you want to download a version of this QR Code to use with your advertisements for local National Festival events, please click here and add to your posters and programmes. Attendees can then scan the image to their mobile phones and donate directly through to PayPal.

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