OUTing the Past February - March 2020
The International Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans History

Organizational timetable for OUTing the Past 2020
(Ireland, UK & USA)

1st September 2019
OTP’20 Festival Hub Partner Applications launched
OTP’20 Festival Presentations invited

30th September 2019
OTP’20 Festival Hub Partner Applications closed
OTP’20 Festival Presentations closed

14th October 2019
Provisional announcement of Festival Hub Partners [Ireland, UK & USA]
Release of the OUT’20 Festival Gazette [Ireland & UK]

1st Nov 2019
Festival Briefings – an overview of the project, together with important practical details,
including the opportunity for meeting members of the OTP Coordination Team, and each other

14th November 2019
Deadline for submission of provisional Festival Hub Programmes

1st December 2019
Confirmation of OTP Festival Hubs ‘line-up’

3rd January 2020
Public announcement of OTP Festival Hubs & their Festival Programmes
Commencement of the OTP Festival Comms strategy

Early Summer 2020 (TBC) OTP Academics & Activists OTP Festival Gathering /Conference

Lets Educate OUT prejudice

Claim our Past

Celebrate our present

Create our future