Kabosh announced as Irish LGBT History Month heritage performance partner for 2019

LGBT History Month is delighted to announce that Kabosh will be joining Inkbrew Productions as an official production partner, creating heritage performance premieres.  Kabosh is an independent theatre company focused on giving voice to site, space and people through creating new theatre in interesting places using the history, stories and buildings of Northern Ireland as its inspiration.

(Left to Right) Laura Hughes, Kerri Quinn, Maria Connolly, Roisin Gallagher, Carol Moore and Beenadette Brown

Founded in 1994, Kabosh is committed to challenging the notion of what theatre is, where it takes place and who it is for. From site specific theatre animating space and exploring native narratives (West Awakes, Belfast Bred) to theatre as a catalyst for social change (Those You Pass On The Street, Green & Blue, Lives in Translation) Kabosh is dedicated to exploring and giving voice to the unique character of the locations and communities in which they work.

Through ground breaking work such as Two Roads West (a piece of immersive theatre staged in a moving taxi) to Built To Contain (a radio play created by ex-prisoners exploring their experiences of incarceration), Kabosh has explored new ways of presenting human stories, challenging preconceptions and provoking change.

Their recent production Quartered: Belfast, A Love Story, written by Dominic Montague, is an immersive audio theatre journey exploring the contemporary LGBTQ+ experience of Belfast and the complex relationship between identity and space. Premiering with Outburst Queer Arts Festival in November 2017, it has been restaged through 2018 and was nominated for Event of the Year at the Belfast Pride Awards 2018.

Dominic Montague, Project Facilitator at Kabosh said, “We’re delighted to start work in partnership with LGBT History Month on unearthing the rich and distinct queer history of Ireland.  We are dedicated to exploring vital stories yet untold and look forward to working as a sister company to Inkbrew Productions in England.”

Twitter: @KaboshTheatre      www.kabosh.net


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