OUTing the Past Presenter Spotlight: Peter Roscoe

This year, the Festival Comms Team has reached out to all those Gazetted presented from past OUTing the Past celebrations. In order to provide a platform for their invaluable work, presenters were asked a series a questions to acquaint you with their previous and current projects.

Peter Roscoe had this to say about his previous experiences with OUTing the Past:


I grew up in Macclesfield in the 1950s, moved to London in my 20s and, when it felt safe enough! moved to Shrewsbury, Shropshire in 1984. I have a partner, Geoff (of 37 years) and we have a son, Liam, (now 29 years old).

Over several years I researched a story I had been told about; of the arrest of several gay men in Shrewsbury in 1949. I made my first Presentation about it at the Shrewsbury hub of the National LGBT History Festival in 2017. I am not a
Historian and make no claims of academic ability. I am just enjoying uncovering the story. The Presentation was originally called ‘Falling Into the Arms of Phoebe’, but I changed it to

“Salop Assizes: 1949” […] based on

a) research, following local Shrewsbury newspaperreports from June 1949, of
men charged with
gross indecency
b) contemporary interviews/conversations with gay men living in Shropshire, which enabled a wider understanding of what life was like for gay men in post war Shrewsbury.

On activism:

I was then, and still am, part of the team, ‘Salopian Rainbows’/’Back in Time’, that organised the Shrewsbury Hubs (Back in Times 1 and 2) of the Festival in 2016 and 2017. Though not a Festival hub in 2018, we will be putting on events for most weekends in February 2018 as part of LGBT History Month.

Activism has always been a part of my adult life

Last year I retired from the organising committee of the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival (now in its twelfth year), although I remain a trustee.


Current Projects:

Currently I am working with the National Trust/ Heritage Open Days on one of four LGBT themed artistic events; called ‘Unsung Stories…’. This is the story arising from the discovery of several hundred love letters sent from 1938 to 1941, between soldiers Gilbert Bradley and Gordon Bowsher. Gilbert was posted to Oswestry, Shropshire (Park Hall Camp) in 1939.The Oswestry event is from 7 to 10.9.17. Oswestry is about 40 mins to the north of Shrewsbury.

Happy to be contacted and to share ideas:

Peter Roscoe





Stay tuned for more Festival Spotlight posts! And look to hear more about the upcoming OUTing the Past 2018 celebrations @http://www.outingthepast.org.uk/?p=172.

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