OUTing the Past 2018 Gazetted Presenter Spotlight: Jacki Hill-Murphy

This year, the Festival Comms Team has reached out to all OUTing the Past 2018 gazetted presenters, whose presentations you may see at upcoming celebrations. In order to provide a platform for their invaluable work, presenters were asked a series a questions to acquaint you with their previous and current projects.

Jacki-Hill Murphy was kind enough to share:


I am an explorer/author who has been recreating the journeys of the first female explorers for nearly 10 years.


I will talk about the Victorian nurse Kate Marsden who championed the cause of leprosy in the 1890s and fund raised to build a leper colony in Siberia after an 11,000 mile journey across Russia in winter, which exposed the shocking treatment of their lepers.  Kate returned to Britain, where detractors were at work to to discredit her; mostly through the press.


As Victorian Britain was intrinsically homophobic, Kate’s sexual ambiguity was seized upon as another element to prevent her working on her brilliant altruistic projects and the shocking way in which she was treated for the rest of her life left her a broken woman. My presentation will discuss how nobody should be treated that way for being who they are and what they believe in and how Kate can be seen as an important figure for change for modern women and lesbians.


To read more of Jacki’s work, be sure to check out her books on Amazon!

  • Adventuresses: Rediscovering daring Voyages into the Unknown
  • The Extraordinary Tale of Kate Marsden: and my journey across Siberia in her footsteps




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