OUTing the Past 2018 Gazetted Presenter Spotlight: Dr Catherine Lee

This year, the Festival Comms Team has reached out to all OUTing the Past 2018 gazetted presenters, whose presentations you may see at upcoming celebrations. In order to provide a platform for their invaluable work, presenters were asked a series a questions to acquaint you with their previous and current projects.

Dr Catherine Lee was kind enough to share:

Heteronormativity in a Rural School Community’ by Dr Catherine Lee presents an exploration of heteronormative discursive practices in the English countryside. Catherine describes her experiences in the rural school community in which she lived and worked. She prospered at the school for almost ten years by censoring her lesbian sexuality and carefully managing the intersection between her private and professional identities. However, when a critical incident led to the exposure of her sexuality at school, she learned the extent to which the rural school community privileged and protected the heteronormative discourse.



Originally part of Catherine’s PhD thesis, this book offers a vivid insider perspective on the experiences of a lesbian teacher in a rural school community. It investigates the moral panic that surrounds teacher sexuality in schools, and considers the impact of homophobic and heteronormative discursive practices on health, wellbeing and identity.



Catherine is Head of Department for Education at Anglia Ruskin University where her research interests include the experiences of LGBTQI school stakeholders. Catherine is also part of a DfE funded project called Courageous Leaders, which provides mentoring to LGBTQI teachers seeking promotion to positions of leadership in schools.


Heteronormativity in a Rural School Community is available here: https://goo.gl/fsaBg1

Find out more about Courageous Leaders here: http://www.wickfordtsa.co.uk/flyers/Wickford_TSA_courageous_leaders.pdf


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