OUTing the Past 2018 Festival Programme: London School of Economics

In preparation for the National Festival, the OUTing the Past 2018 Festival Partners have set their official programmes, now ready to be shared with the public!

Without further ado: the London School of Economics.

Thursday 1 February (1pm)

Hilary McCollum, ‘Sapphic Suffragettes: The key role of lesbians in the fight for Votes for Women’

One hundred years on from the first granting of the vote in Britain, this presentation will highlight the key role of lesbians and bi women in the fight for women’s citizenship. It will explore the evidence that a number of the women leading the campaign for women’s suffrage were lesbians/had relationships with other women. These women include Commander-in-Chief Christabel Pankhurst; Chief Organisers Annie Kenney, Grace Roe and Olive Bartels; and leading militants Emily Wilding Davison, Mary Leigh and Lilian Lenton. It will also consider how concerns about such relationships fuelled the split in 1907, which gave rise to the Women’s Freedom League. Whilst there has been some recognition of sexual relationships between women within the movement, the extent of such relationships among the WSPU’s (Women’s Social and Political Union) leading figures is underexplored

#LSESuffrage18 & #LSELGBT


Outing the Past Day: Thursday 15 February

Jane Traies, “How Arena 3 saved my life”: Lesbian networking before the Internet’
(Lunchtime Talk 1-2pm, Education Room, Lower Ground Floor, LSE Library)

In these days of Diva, dating sites and meet-ups, it’s easy to forget that as recently fifty years ago, simply finding each other was a real challenge for lesbians. The arrival of the very first lesbian newsletter, Arena Three, in 1964 was a quiet revolution. This presentation foregrounds the oral testimonies of older lesbians whose lives were changed by this new contact with other women like themselves.

There will also be original copies of Arena Three from the 1960s and 1970s on display from our LGBT collection.


Badge Making: Family activities
(2.30-4.30pm, LSE Library Gallery)

What message do you want to wear? Come and be inspired by our collection of campaigning LGBTQ+ badges to design your own, then make one to take away. Aimed at ages 6-10 years approx. Drop in!


Future Past: the Impact of LGBT History Today

Steve Slack, ‘Edward Carpenter – His LGBT+ legacy’

Edward Carpenter is not as widely known about as he should be. His writings on LGBT+ issues, the life he lead as a lover of other men and his influence on modern day LGBT+ rights need to be recognised and celebrated. Here in Sheffield we are raising funds to have a public piece of art produced in his name. This is his story and the story of our journey to get him more widely recognised.

Sue Sanders, ‘What did Section 28 do for us?’

Section 28 had a profound effect on our community and our allies, many don’t understand how it came about or how we fought it. In these days of Trump DUP and May, we need to know how to be vigilant and have ideas on how to resist

Meg-John Barker, ‘Non-Binary Gender Across Time and Space’

This presentation provides the brief – often hidden – history of the UK non-binary movement, based on the chapter on non-binary gender from Christine Burns’s recent edited collection ‘Trans Britain’. It traces the deep history of non-binary thinking about gender, as well as charting how gender is understood in different ways geographically – around the world. It then focuses in on the untold story of the years leading up to the current UK non-binary movement, and the very recent history of that movement which is currently moving very fast.


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