LGBT History Month 2019 Hubs Timetable

LSE – LONDON England 1st February
Taunton Library – England 2nd February
Leeds City Museum – Leeds, England 7th February
Greenwich Maritime Museum – London, England 9th February
People History Museum – Manchester, England 10th February
Bishopsgate Institute – London, England 13th February
Bolton Museum – Bolton, England 16th February
The Higgins – Bedford, England 16th Feburary
Irish Centre – New York, USA 16th February
Royal Pavilion – Brighton, England 23rd February
Museum of Liverpool – Liverpool, England 23rd February
Tower Museum – Londonderry/Derry, Northern Ireland 2nd March
TBC – Cork, Ireland 2nd March
MFD – Londonderry/Derry, Northern Ireland 3rd March
Soldetalje – Sweden 9th March
Ulster Museum – Belfast, Northern Ireland 9th March
Skeivt Arkiv Bergan – Norway 16th March
National Gallery of Ireland – Ireland 23rd March
TBC – Belfast, Norther Ireland – CONFERENCE & GATHERING OF ACTIVISTS & ACADEMICS 27th – 29th March

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