Introducing the OUTing the Past 2018 Festival Hub Partners: Bishopsgate

To better acquaint the public with the organisations participating in OUTing the Past 2018, Festival Hub partners have been generously offering insight to their backgrounds and histories. In light of their upcoming OUTing the Past 2018 celebration, Bishopsgate Institute wants you to know:


For over 120 years, Bishopsgate Institute has been a home for ideas and debate, learning and enquiry and independent thought.  We offer courses, workshops, talks and tours in subjects as diverse as London history, feminism, languages, Ballroom dancing, film studies, photography and creative writing. Our historic library, collections and archives cover a variety of topics which explore radical, social, labour, feminist and LGBTQ history in London. The Institute is an oasis in the middle of a frantic city which provides you with the rare chance to explore, escape, research or relax.


Bishopsgate Institute is thrilled to be involved with this year’s LGBT History Month Festival. Since 2011, we have been actively committed to documenting the history of the LGBTQ community in the UK and to providing an open and accessible space for this heritage to be
explored. We now hold one of the most significant collections of LGBTQ and alternative sexuality history in the UK. This includes the Lesbian and Gay News Media Archive (LAGNA), a collection of over 300,000 press cuttings from the straight press on queer history, and the archives of Stonewall, Switchboard, LGBT History Month/Schools Out and many others. We’re excited to be working with LGBT History Month and Schools Out, with whom we share a commitment to make visible and celebrate LGBTQ history and who have such a long and successful track record in making this happen.




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