Introducing the OUTing the Past 2018 Festival Hub Partners: Birmingham

To better acquaint the public with the organisations participating in OUTing the Past 2018, Festival Hub partners have been generously offering insight to their backgrounds and histories. In light of their upcoming OUTing the Past 2018 celebration, Adam Carver of Birmingham LGBT was was most kind to share:


“Our recent work has had a very specific focus on exploring queer histories: understanding, learning from, and expanding our archives. In 2017 we presented the Birmingham LGBT History Festival a five-day film festival exploring representations of LGBT people at venues across Birmingham which was an overwhelming success. Building from this success we felt that joining the National LGBT History Festival was the perfect way to develop our history month programme for 2018 and beyond and to become part of a much wider dialogue around LGBT History. We’re really excited to bring new voices and perspectives to Birmingham.”

–     Ian Sanderson

On outcomes:

“Our aims are always to find new ways to platform the voices and experiences of LGBTQ people in Birmingham and to build discussion around our heritage. We hope that the public will find new ways into understanding LGBT history from the people who lived it and that new audiences will connect to these unsung histories. We are really excited to host the festival at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery around the context of their exhibition ‘Coming Out’ exploring gender and sexuality in contemporary art from 1967-2017 and to find new ways to understand and explore that exhibition.

Visitors can expect to hear a diverse range of perspectives on LGBT history in the beautiful surroundings of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery – in addition to the festival speaker’s programme visitors will have the change to explore the exhibition ‘Coming Out: Sexuality, Gender, and Identity’ with exclusive tours of the exhibition from the museum’s team. “


You may also be interested in:

“SHOUT Festival is a project of Birmingham LGBT. Birmingham LGBT is the third largest LGBT specific charity in the UK and we run a number of services for LGBT people including support and wellbeing, events, sexual heath, services for people over 50, sports classes and activities and domestic violence support. Each year we organize SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts and Culture, and arts council National Portfolio member which takes place at galleries, theatres, and venues across Birmingham bringing the best of LGBTQ Theatre, Performance, Visual Arts, and Film to Birmingham each November.”



To find out more about Birmingham LGBT, the SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts and Culture, and the featured photography of Ian Sanderson, credited above, check out the provided link!


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