Introducing OUTing the Past 2018 Festival Hub Partner: Waltham Forest

To better acquaint the public with the organisations participating in OUTing the Past 2018, Festival Hub partners have been generously offering insight to their backgrounds and histories. Without further ado, the Waltham Forest Council:

Who are you? 

Waltham Forest Council aims to be the lead outer London borough for arts and culture, known for an ambitious and integrated arts and culture offer, which involves local residents, attracts visitors from across the capital, and makes an exceptional contribution to London’s vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Why did your organisation want to be involved in the Festival, & what are your sought outcomes for both the venue and the general public? 

This year, our LGBT History Month celebrations will form part of a new strand of programming – Cultural Conversations – a discussion based programme aiming to provide a platform and voice for how, when and why we deliver cultural events and how all communities in the borough are reflected in our Cultural Offer.  We’re really excited to be on of this year’s LGBT History Month hubs as we will have the chance to hear from professionals from across the country to offer their contribution to our month long discussion.

Are there other LGBT initiatives that your venue is actively involved with?

We are currently in the process of commissioning artists to deliver a project throughout February that explores and interrogate the borough’s LGBT history creating new work that questions how we represent LGBT artists and residents in our cultural programming. We are looking for entertaining, fun and accessible work that is embedded in local LGBT experience but relevant and inclusive to a wide audience*

February 2018 will be the 10 year anniversary of the Chingford Lesbian Reading Group. We will be holding a celebration author event with Kaite Welsh, Olumide Popoola and Catherine Hall speaking about their work.

What can presenters and guests alike expect from the venue space?

Vestry House Museum presents the history of Waltham Forest. Situated in Walthamstow Village, the building used to house the parish workhouse, and was later a police station and private home.

It now contains themed displays capturing the unique heritage of the local area and includes the famous Bremer Car, a Victorian parlour, costume gallery and wonderful display of locally manufactured toys and games.  A collection of 80,000 historic photographs from across the Borough is accessible to everyone by appointment. The beautiful volunteer-run garden is an oasis in which to relax and enjoy the arrival of spring.

Vestry House Museum

Vestry Road, Walthamstow

London E17 9NH

…Getting there

By rail, tube or bus

The museum is only a 7 minute walk from Walthamstow Central (rail/tube/bus) which is on the end of the Victoria line. Alternatively, it is a 10 minute walk from Queens Road station.

By car

If you are travelling by car there is limited parking around the museum and most of the parking bays require visitor permits.

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