Introducing OUTing the Past 2018 Festival Hub Partner: Cardiff

To better acquaint the public with the organisations participating in OUTing the Past 2018, Festival Hub partners have been generously offering insight to their backgrounds and histories. In light of their upcoming OUTing the Past 2018 celebration, we are most pleased to welcome Pride Cymru!


On getting involved in the festival:

Pride Cymru has been organising events for History Month for the past three years but they were not linked in to what was happening in the rest of the UK. One of us gave an oral history presentation at a couple of hubs last year and it became clear that both we and Schools Out would like to collaborate more. There’s a lot of Welsh LGBT+ history out there, as our Icons & Allies exhibition showed – but we got a lot of reactions of either ‘I never knew they were L/G/B/T’ or ‘I knew they were gay but I never knew they were Welsh!’. ”


The venue and what to expect:

The Senedd is a monument to open Government – it’s all glass and local materials, and the main foyer where we’ll be holding the plenaries has panoramic views over the gorgeous Cardiff Bay – if you get bored with a talk you can always count the swans! There’s an in-house cafe, but also loads of pubs and restaurants right next door in Mermaid Quay. Lots of people have very outdated expectations of Cardiff; it’s a vibrant, student-dominated city with loads of public art and a big welcoming heart – and a love of history and literature.

We used the Senedd last year to launch Icons & Allies and it’s a great space because you can hold an event but it’s also open to the general public. We want to bring LGBT+ history to our political leaders and ensure that LGBT+ issues and heritage are understood by the wider public as well as by our own communities. And holding an event in our Parliament shows our legitimacy and our participation in wider society. We like to do history with a twist of popular interest – last year we did Who’s Queer Now with History Month patron Russell T Davies and many other Doctor Who luminaries, discussing fifty years of LGBT+ interest in the TV series, and you can see some of the discussions on the Facebook page for that event.”


Some of their work in the community:

Pride Cymru is primarily known for organising the biggest and boldest Pride Festival in Wales annually, including a city centre parade and (in 2017) three days of celebrations in our Civic Centre. We’re big supporters of the UK Pride Organisers Network and hope to encourage more Prides across the UK to get involved in celebrating LGBT History Month. Currently, we also have a Big Lottery funded project to increase LGBT+ civic engagement in wider society and for older and younger LGBT+ people to support each other.”


You can get in contact with Pride Cymru via email:

& find out more about the Senedd here:

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