Introducing OTP19 Festival Hub Partners: New York City

To better acquaint the public with the organisations participating in OUTing the Past 2019, Festival Hub partners have been generously offering insight to their backgrounds and histories. In light of their upcoming OUTing the Past 2019 celebration, the New York Irish Center had this to say:


The New York Irish Center is a community center welcoming all of the Irish in the NYC region and all those who wish to share with us in celebrating Irish culture. The Center is in Queens, just one subway stop from Grand Central and Midtown Manhattan. Our mission is to provide a place for our community to be together.  At our core we are the generation that left Ireland in the 1980s, a time of deep recession but also a hopeful time. Thirty years plus later, the Irish of the 1980s increasingly form the backbone of our community in New York, and an anchor between young and old.  That’s what’s happening at the Center these days, with events and programs and classes for all ages, where the generations often mix, and where a steady stream of volunteers with a desire to give their time to the community can find a home.



Festival Hub Host

Since 2017, we have hosted an ongoing series of events for the Irish LGBT community (“The Story Continues .  .  .”), with panel discussions involving activists from the marriage equality referendum campaign, people from the Arts community of NYC, and LGBT trailblazers in our city’s uniformed services.  These events serve as an opportunity for Irish LGBT people to network, share and build a community together. The Irish Center also took part this year in the NYC Pride March as a part of the Irish Consular Office’s first ever “Irish Pride – Amach La Chéile” (“Out Together”) contingent.

We are thrilled to be hosting OUTing the Past (Ireland), and to be ground-breakers as the first hub to represent the Irish LGBT diaspora in this history festival.

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