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The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery opened in 1873 on land formerly used for stables on the estate of George IV’s eccentric Royal Pavilion and was one of the first purpose built museums in England. 

Our museum service, which today serves the city across five historical sites, is part of the fabric of Brighton & Hove and aims to champion its communities, its place in the world and the environment.

 Brighton & Hove has the UK’s largest proportion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans residents. These communities significantly shape the city’s identity.  In 2017, to reflect Brighton & Hove’s diversity  and to mark the anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, the museum launched our LGBTQ Season with  a programme of projects, exhibitions, activities celebrating  LGBTQ lives, histories and reflecting the experiences and achievements of the city’s LGBTQ residents. 

Our LGBTQ Season included The Museum of Transology (ending in spring 2019), a bold, brave and profound collection of artefacts exploring how the objects reflect the participants’ self-determined gender journeys. The Wear it Out project, explores the cultural heritage of dress of LGBTQ communities in Sussex 1917 – 2017. This project included the major exhibition Gluck: Art & Identity looking at the 20th century artist Gluck (1895-1978), now also recognised as a trailblazer of gender fluidity, and a new display developed in collaboration with volunteers from the local LGBTQ community Queer Looks (Opening June 30th 2018). Queer Looks features around 20 outfits donated by local LGBTQ residents representing LGBTQ fashion and style in Brighton & Hove since 1967 which will be added to the city’s Fashion Collection.    

Festival Hub Host

We are excited and proud to be building on the legacy of this programme into 2019, collaborating with local heritage organisation Queer in Brighton on a new community exhibition (Opening May 2019) and for the first time ever hosting the OUTing the Past National Festival in Brighton. 

When so many people worldwide are still discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, representing LGBTQ lives, challenging preconceptions and building understanding is an important part of our work.


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