Introducing OTP19 Festival Hub Partner: Bolton



Desire, Love, Identity-In Bolton

A history of LGBT+ culture & people

The exhibition will be showcase Bolton’s LGBTQ history and personal stories alongside world treasures depicting Desire, Love, Identity from the British Museum – a collection that was put together to celebrate 50years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality. Bolton is honoured to be the only Northern venue to host this touring collection from the British Museum.

The exhibition is timely for Bolton as 2019 is 21years since the arrest of the Bolton 7 resulted in massive public protest and successful appeals against their custodial sentences. The Bolton 7 case pushed forwards the equalisation of the age of consent in the year 2000.

Over the past 3 years with the support of Bolton Pride, Bolton LGBT+, The Proud Trust & Bolton LGBT Partnership, Bolton has rapidly become more supportive and accepting of its LGBT community.

Proposed Events Supporting the exhibition:

Library and Museum (LMS) apply for Grants for Arts funding, with appropriate support from partners which will cover;

  1. Museum Monologues (short 5-8min plays about individuals in the exhibition), Stephen Hornby & Ink Brew Productions, which will include a Thursday late, 23rd May 2019 (which we will make an evening by adding cheese and wine and a Q&A session and inviting attendees of the Walt Whitman conference, which we are checking to make sure there are no timetable clashes) and Saturday 25th performances.
  2. Alongside this we will have an arts engagement project for young people based possibly around screen printing T-Shirts- The Proud Trusts-Sally Carr

Funding for this total £15 000.00 with 11K ACE, 1K Superbia (LMS to apply) and 4K GMArts.

  1. We will have a performance of Stephen Hornbys  ‘The Adhesion of Love’ about Walt Whitman in the Lecture Theatre.
  2. We will apply (LMS) to be a host for Jeff Evans & Sue Sanders the ‘Outing the Past’ Festival, to be a hub venue.
  1. ‘Walt Whitman 200’ (2019 is the 200yr anniversary of Walt Whitman).

Bolton University are working closely with Bolton LMS & others to create a festival of events including a conference which will be on the last weekend of the exhibition 24-26th May 2019. 

There is still scope for building in other events and activities during the exhibition including museum collections team running tours of the collections. We will create a mini project team at LMS to work on this.

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