Introducing OTP19 Festival Hub Partner: Bergen





Skeivt arkiv is the national archive and knowledge centre for queer history in Norway. We are a part of The Department of Special Collections at the Bergen University Library. The archive collects, preserves and disseminates queer and LGBTQ+ history in Norway in a broad sense. In addition to collecting physical archive materials, video interviews and written submissions, Skeivt arkiv has a particular focus on increasing visibility and availability of our queer history. We respond to inquiries regarding the history of gender and sexuality,  attend conferences, host workshops, publish articles and participate in a variety of other activities dedicated to illuminating this history.


With this focus, we are excited to take on the next challenge with hosting OUTing the Past 2019. Being chosen as a hub provides an excellent opportunity to further extend and strengthen Skeivt arkiv’s work in making queer history seen as a naturally included part of Norwegian history, and increase visibility of marginalised identities and rarely told narratives throughout history. To further extend the accessibility and visibility of this event, Skeivt arkiv is collaborating with Bergen Public Library as the venue for OUTing the Past. A well known and established cultural venue in Bergen, the public library has a tradition for bringing in varied and enthusiastic audiences for a range of different events and themes. We look forward to welcoming OUTing the Past to Skeivt arkiv and to Bergen Public Library, an event we are sure will facilitate reaching out to new audiences, both queer and non queer, and share our interest and passion for queer history. 



Bergen Public Library is located at:

Strømgaten 6
5015 Bergen

The library is easily accessible by train, light rail, bus, car or foot. 

For more information about Skeivt arkiv, please visit:

Or contact us at 

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